Family Fun and Feeling Sick

The bad news? We are still sick! I’ve managed to fight it off pretty well, but Ross has been really hit hard by this thing. He saw a doctor today and was told the sore throat is caused by a sinus infection…so he’s on meds for that. Super annoying.

The good news? We felt healthy over the weekend, so we got out to the Magic Kingdom on Saturday, and on Sunday, we had a delicious meal and visit with my dad and his wife at Bird of Paradise in our favorite part of Orlando. Amazing fresh food, great desserts in the same shopping area and of course excellent company.

I’ve been well enough to work and mostly walk outside daily, so that’s been great, and we are thankful to have what we need to get through illness, frustrating as it is.

This weekend I’m leading a musical theater performance and history workshop for adults – it should be a blast!

We are seeing great growth in our virtual businesses, and we are gaining clarity on our next steps. We have so much to be thankful for.

Also, a special shoutout to my brother Scott and his partner Kailey – our Christmas gift is amazing and we will share it as soon as we have a place to hang it.

Hope you all have an illness-free week! Bird of Paradise, Orlando, FL | Ross and Jamie AdventureBird of Paradise, Orlando, FL | Ross and Jamie AdventureBird of Paradise, Orlando, FL | Ross and Jamie Adventure

2 thoughts on “Family Fun and Feeling Sick

  1. Sorry you guys are feeling punky. The food pics you posted look amazing! Im not sure which one looks the most yummy although i lean towards the shrimp bowl…anyway, get well and keep blogging!


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