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To book Ross or Jamie for upcoming gigs, you can email bookingross (at) or rossandjamieadventure (at) You can also learn more about Ross’ original music and their work together. And our brochure of offerings for schools, libraries, senior centers and more is here.

To hire Jamie or Ross for their virtual work, check out Pathway Executive Solutions.

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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Jamie, I’m enjoying your adventures. Hopefully, the next time we are in near vicinities we can have a good chat ( and a hug!) Take care.


      1. Hi Ross and Jamie… I really liked your portion of the rve entrepreneur blog 25 ways to make money…. You mentioned in your post about needing musicians to teach. As a drummer percussionist clinician and adjudicator for high school marching band drumlines and a set drummer for praise and worship teams for churches, I wonder if you could help me figure this out and if you see a need for such a service on the road? I would teach English but I have Problems with run on sentences… hahahaha sincerely… Oh yeah I also am working on becoming a voice over artist. For real. As another income stream.


      2. Hi Steve! Thanks for connecting. I’d be happy to help you brainstorm on this topic, I’ll send you a message. I think there are opportunities for your services, but it’s going to involve a lot of research and pounding the pavement on your part.


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