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Are you ready to create a life you love? Are you ready to wake up eager for the day ahead?

I’m Jamie Feinberg. I help childfree women to figure out what they truly want — whether that’s time to pursue an old dream, a new career or hobby, or to travel – and then make it a reality.

I also offer mental fitness training for women, artists, and anyone who is on the journey of self-discovery and ready to grow.

I believe that everyone deserves to create a life they love, and there isn’t any need to lead a conventional life – unless you want to!

If you’re ready for more in your life, I’d be honored to help guide you in your next steps. I offer my clients a safe place for growth, exploration and curiosity, providing coaching and consulting custom-tailored to fit your needs.

I offer group mental fitness training as well as individual coaching and Enneagram exploration in my client work.

If you’re ready to take action, let’s get on a call. I’d love to help you get clarity as you prepare for what’s next in your adventure. Grab a free hour-long coaching session with me here, or email rossandjamieadventure at to get started.

The life of your dreams is waiting!

P.S. If you’re not looking for individual or group coaching, or if it isn’t in the budget yet, be sure to check out my courses and my free resources. I strive to offer something at every price point. And yes, I offer a few scholarships for every program! Contact rossandjamieadventure at to learn more.

Testimonial from a client, Andrea Avery:

When I started working with Jamie, life felt unmanageable. The number one thing she brought to my life with her services was a plan. I was in a job I didn’t enjoy but didn’t know how to pivot with my current financial, health, and motivational issues.

After a few short months working with Jamie I had created a clear pathway that led me to creating my own business. Jamie was always available to help when I hit a snag or lost motivation. While family and friends were able to offer encouragement or advice, Jamie was able to offer research-backed methods and personal experiences that really guided me through tough decisions. I would highly recommend Jamie’s coaching services to any person who is ready to make a change, take control, and live a life of design rather than one of circumstance!

Testimonial from a client, Alina Nikishina:

“Jamie’s a great listener, is very relatable and friendly, and she does really well at helping you forge a path to a fulfilling life. After working with her, I’ve discovered more about myself and what I want out of life, and I started taking real action steps that I’m proud of. I can also tell that she has a lot of experience and study in the area that she coaches in – I had fun learning from her and felt like I was in good hands.

Jamie helped me get clearer on my values and purpose in life and how I can start creating habits that are more aligned with that. The questions and exercises we went through were very eye-opening and helped me see from a different perspective. One of my biggest breakthroughs was realizing that until now, I’ve said “yes” to things just because they seemed exciting at the time, but it’s important for me to do periodic audits of where I put my attention and what I may want to take off my plate. I’m now re-organizing my life priorities to align better with my current goals and values, and it feels really good. Thank you, Jamie!”

Testimonial from a client, Christie Conticchio:

“Jamie has always been someone that has a clear and concise message, no matter what we’re coaching…we structure clear goals, here’s what we’re doing this week, and she’s very organized…Jamie always brings this nice personal touch to each session. I am someone who craved that kind of personal touch. That’s why I went to her for my personal coaching. I felt like I could trust her.

When we started this up, it was mainly because I had a new job and I wanted to be successful at that job…but it really got more serious in the last few months. Not only does she know where I’m heading in the next year, but she also knows where I am in the present. She knows how to get me to the next week and the next year, and that’s why I keep coming back. She has my best interests at heart. She’s been someone that’s been consistently helpful for me. The reason I keep going back is I clearly like what we’re doing, and she has a way of organizing our time together so that it’s useful and I can know that the two of us know where we’re heading.”

Testimonials from our mastermind group, who also attended virtual & in-person retreats I planned:

In the three years I’ve known her, Jamie walks the walk…she steadily developed powerful habits, one by one, and established an incredible foundation that I’ve watched her build upon…setting goals and then stretch goals and then blowing them away. Whatever she sets her mind to, she will do, and has such knowledge and insight to help her clients do the same, with their own goals and dreams.” – Jennifer

“When I was laid off from my job of seventeen years, I was lost as to my next steps. Jamie coached me on looking for the right position and not rushing into taking a job just because it was a job. She reminded me in my moments of panic that there was no reason to rush. I had the opportunity to explore different opportunities and to pick the one that was best for me. Jamie’s advice allowed me to frame my job hunt as an adventure. When I got the job I really wanted in March of 2020, COVID happened. I was nervous because I had to train for my job remotely. Jamie reminded me that everyone was navigating this new reality and that I was doing great.
Jamie is the type of coach that will help you figure out the right course for your path in life with the experience she has to navigate your through the pitfalls that come with life. Jamie has coached me with my various life changes over the past three years, and I would not be where I am right now without her. I am making more money and have a job that challenges me in the great way, and I am on a course that could lead me to romance (Yes she is coaching me through this phase as well). Choosing Jamie as a coach will be one of the best choices you will make.”
– Evanique

Additional testimonials from past clients:

“Anyone looking to grow their business should seek to work with Jamie.” – Amii Barnard-Bahn, JD