About Us

Welcome! We are travelers, entrepreneurs & creative problem-solvers helping sensitive, aspiring adventurers get the confidence & tools to craft their dream life now.

We married in June of 2014 and have been together since 2010. This blog, started in 2014, captures our aspirations to make a life on our own terms. We are online music educators and in-person performers and educators, Ross edits podcasts and videos and writes music, and Jamie is a life coach and a virtual assistant, editor and writer. Learn more about music lessons and booking Ross or booking Ross and Jamie. We also have a musical theater comedy podcast called Finishing The Season (currently quiet, but there are tons of episodes to enjoy) and two Facebook groups: Crafting the Life You Want with Ross and Jamie and Disney World for RVers.

And to support our music and art-making, we have a Patreon and always welcome new members.


Jamie Feinberg is a musician, educator, arts administration professional, musical theater aficionado, and a life coach, with a Bachelor’s in Music from Smith College and a Master’s in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University. She’s also completed Lauren Eliz Love’s Coaching Mentorship and is now focusing on helping people to craft their dream life. She has run her own quirky theater company, focusing on presenting and educating about lesser-known musicals, since 2010, and she is happy to lecture and present about almost any topic in musical theater history – she has a particular interest in the depiction of race in musicals and in how history has been presented and has affected American musical theater. Prior to working full-time in arts administration, she was self-employed in music and theater, teaching private voice and piano lessons (for more than ten years), accompanying at a church (she worked with a Congregational (UCC) church for over six years and recently spent 1.5 years at an Episcopal church), teaching pre-K and K music, theater and movement classes, musically directing, directing and choreographing for theater, and creating and overseeing arts camps and workshops. She has also been a member of an improv troupe (Granite State Theatresports) where she led the cast in musical improv, and she offers workshops in this. She also blogs at In Search of a Scoop, her ice cream blog and occasionally at Practicing Persistence, her health & wellness blog. She loves the outdoors and excellent grammar, loves to dance, and loves a good hug, and she will drive an absurd distance for homemade ice cream or frozen yogurt. She refuses to believe that there is any need to lead a conventional life – unless you want to!

Ross Boyd is a composer (for bands, for film, TV and for gaming) and sound designer (for theater and film), an educator (private lessons for guitar, piano, ukelele, composition and theory), a musician, a sound engineer (both studio recording and live sound for theater, comedy, concerts) and a radio personality (he spent about four years in a variety of roles in public radio, both on-air talent and production). Since hitting the road, he’s been building his business as a podcast and video editor. He’s also an excellent cook (if there is curry, he’s a happy man) and a sometime puppeteer and voice artist. He’s worked with Jamie on many projects, from early childhood music to their theater company (sound & music). He loves Chinese food, Indian food, gaming, sushi and good comedy.

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