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Best Enneagram Resources

The Enneagram is one of my favorite tools for those ready to take a deep dive into understanding themselves. Choosing where to start your Enneagram journey can feel overwhelming.

Here are my current favorite Enneagram resources.

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Suzanne Stabile and LTM

What test do I take?

As much as you might want to simplify your studies by taking a test, that isn’t the way the Enneagram is designed to work. This isn’t a “personality test”, per say. Because the Enneagram is an oral tradition, it was originally taught from person to person. For this reason, in my opinion, podcasts or 1:1 coaching are a brilliant way to learn your type and study how to use that information as a tool for personal growth.

I’ve also listed my favorite books above if you’d prefer to begin with the written word.

If you MUST take a test, many people have luck with this free test.

Alternately, I coach my clients with a mental fitness program called Positive Intelligence. You can identify your top saboteurs here and then schedule a call with me to learn how to overcome them.

Support along your journey

I offer individual coaching and small group Enneagram study using curriculum created by Suzanne Stabile. I also offer mental fitness training and coaching on creating a life you love. Grab a spot on my calendar to discuss the options, or email rossandjamieadventure at gmail.com to be added to the waiting list for my next Enneagram group.