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As full-time travelers and remote workers, we use a variety of resources to do our work and live our life, and as a result, we come across items that we are happy to recommend to others. If these sound like they’d be great resources for you as well, please start here to purchase them. It’s a small but meaningful way for you to support our work through the affiliate link. Thanks for helping to support our travels!

Did you know that you can support us while you do your regular shopping? We are Amazon Affiliates, which means if you begin your Amazon shopping with one of our links, as long as you complete the purchase in the next 24 hours we’ll get a percentage back to us. It’s no additional cost to you, and you don’t need to purchase what we link you to. Just Start Here, make some purchases and we’ll get some extra in the bank. Thank you!

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Capital One 360

Do you have a savings account? Do you have several savings accounts to organize the money for the roof that needs replacing vs. the money for your next vacation vs. the money for your car insurance vs. the money for your kid’s college fund? If you don’t have it already, you need Capital One 360. I can rave about the ease of their savings accounts for days – open new ones in moments, name them whatever you want, set up easy automatic deposits from your main checking account, do it all online or on your phone – but you should really try it for yourself. Head here to sign up for free and earn a $25 bonus when you open a savings or checking account, or $100 if you open a money market account!


Dosh is a great app that we use on our iPhones to get money back when we make purchases we’d make anyway! All you need to do is connect your credit or debit card, and it tracks relevant purchases and you get cash back. Kind of awesome. If you sign up and add a credit or debit card you’ll get $5 for yourself and a bonus for us when you use our link.


We all know we should be using an electric toothbrush, but if you’re like me, you got out of the habit (or never got into it) and just haven’t gotten around to it. Starting the habit is easy and ridiculously convenient with Quip. They’ll send you a toothbrush with a battery good for three months, and they’ll set you up for automatic refills (new brush head and battery) sent to you every three months for only $5. Plus, your first refill is free with this offer! It’s got a really handy travel case perfect for RVers or frequent flyers too. Check out Quip and save today! is the number one way we find workamping jobs (mostly at campgrounds, but not always) as we travel. With a paid membership, you can create a resume for yourself (and your partner, if relevant) and potential employers can find you there! We’ve gotten three great positions and MANY additional, great offers just from having our resume posted there. And we’ve used their postings and database to look up other campgrounds to contact ourselves and set up work. If you’re interested, learn more here, and if you sign up, please reference us, member #212801, so that we’ll get an extension on our membership!

Passport America

Passport America is by far the most popular of the campground membership programs, and it’s easy to see why. With Passport America, you can pay half price at thousands of campgrounds across the country! As with anything, there are restrictions and exceptions that vary by campground. But using this program, we were able to limit our campground costs driving from Florida to Colorado, paying half price every night so that our rates didn’t exceed $22. It was really great! They have an extensive network and you can always read campground reviews first to make sure you know what you’re getting. We actually found some of our favorite campgrounds using Passport America! Please read more here and when you sign up, be sure to mention us, Jamie Feinberg member # C-724347, so that we can receive a little bonus to pad our bank accounts. Thank you so much, and enjoy your membership! We certainly do.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a super fun membership program. Instead of staying at campgrounds all of the time, why not mix it up and “boondock” in the parking lot of a winery or other attraction? The views are typically stellar, and with your membership, you can stay for free, only compensating your host with a purchase on site, like a winery tour, a bottle of wine or touring the museum on site. Harvest Hosts has a network of wineries and other interesting attractions across the country, and we think it’s an amazing and fun way to support small businesses while you travel. Learn more here and you’ll be dropping a few coins (dollars, actually!) in our hat when you sign up. Even better, use your link and you’ll save 10% on your purchase!

 Virtual Assistant

Wonder how we make money while we travel? One of the ways is that Jamie works as a virtual assistant. She’s gotten amazing tips from Melissa Smith, and you can too by taking her class! Melissa has literally written the book on being a virtual assistant: in fact, she’s published multiple books, led the first virtual assistant conference and acts as a matchmaker, connecting businesses with virtual assistants around the country and across the world. Learn more and sign up for her course here! If you sign up, I’ll get a small payment from Melissa for connecting you.

Keep an eye out here for other ways to support us and our travels. Thank you so much for your support!