Enneagram: The Path Back To You

Hello! If we don’t know each other well yet, I am Jamie Feinberg, and I help childfree women to figure out what they truly want – whether that’s time to pursue an old dream, a new career or hobby, or to travel – and then make it a reality.

I believe that if you never do the work to discover and cultivate a life you love, then you will never find the freedom and fulfillment that comes from pursuing a life free of regret. 

So, in essence, that’s why I’ve gotten so darn obsessed with the Enneagram over the last few years. I’d been pursuing my own personal development for a few years prior when I discovered it. The Enneagram, if you aren’t already aware, is not a typical “personality test”, for two reasons, as I see. One reason is that unlike Myers-Briggs, astrology, Human Design, or any of the other typing systems I’ve seen or explored, you get to type yourself! 

(If you have already heard about this program and are ready to sign up and get started and join us, please email rossandjamieadventure @ gmail.com so we can work out the details!)

Despite what you’ve perhaps read online, the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram is an oral tradition, and the way that you are meant to discern your type is in conversation with mentors, friends, family, but mainly doing your own contemplation. 

The other major difference about the Enneagram from other “personality quizzes” and the like? Once you know your type, the Enneagram also gives you a road map to follow for a more healthy, integrated, fulfilled life. So it’s not “here’s your type, here’s what’s challenging for you, have a nice life”. It’s more like “here’s your type, here are your strengths and weaknesses, and if you do these practices and keep growing in your awareness, you can keep stepping into an even better version of yourself. Oh, and by the way, here are the ways you’ll want to interact with other types and even help them become their best selves!” 

Since discovering the Enneagram, I’ve become a better wife, a better friend, a better daughter, and a better sibling. My husband has frequently thanked me for the work I’ve been doing on my own personal development, because it’s made me a better wife AND helped him to learn to be a better husband too!

We can’t control the people around us, but we can lead by example, and seeing how the work of the Enneagram has had ripple effects in my life has inspired me to share it with others.

We’ll be following the curriculum of Suzanne Stabile. She and her husband founded Life in the Trinity Ministry, and she’s studied and taught the Enneagram for more than twenty-five years, mentoring under Richard Rohr. They founded their organization to support adults doing personal development work in community with other people. As they state, it’s “a place for solitary work that cannot be done alone”. She’s got a podcast called The Enneagram Journey, she’s written three books, edited one for each Enneagram type, and she travels the country teaching about the Enneagram and how it can inform particular issues such as trauma healing, adoption, Christian spirituality, and much more. 

You do not need to be a Christian to get a lot out of this work. I’m a dedicated agnostic who grew up in a church. But if the language of Christianity makes you uncomfortable, do let me know – we may need to rephrase things occasionally. But as long as you’re open to contemplative practice of some kind, you’ll benefit from this, even if you consider yourself an Atheist or a member of a different religion. 

To help other people on their own Enneagram journey, Suzanne and Life in the Trinity Ministry have developed a curriculum guide so that smaller groups, or cohorts, can meet virtually or in person to learn about themselves in community with others. Suzanne has also created a video series for us to watch as we work our way through the curriculum guide. 

I appreciate your interest in being a part of my cohort! 

How It Works

  • Suzanne’s videos are designed to be studied one per week. The majority of them are under an hour, but a couple of them will be closer to two hours. 
  • Once we’ve set up our meeting time and mapped out our session dates, you’ll pay a small fee of $20 US to hold your place in the cohort. I’ll then send you instructions on how to purchase your curriculum guide and rent the videos (for a total of $30 US). (If you’re ready, email rossandjamieadventure @ gmail.com to get set up.) The full price for this program is currently a steal at only $50 US. (Canadians will pay an additional 15% GST/HST on the sessions.)
  • We’ll meet together each week, having watched the video, and we’ll work through our workbooks together. (LTM recommends 5 to 7 days between sessions, so we’re aiming for weekly.)
  • We’ll record the Zoom sessions so if a participant misses a week, they can watch it and catch up for the following session. (I won’t share those videos publicly.) If that isn’t comfortable for you, please let me know so that we can make another arrangement. 
  • This program is made up of 12 sessions, and we’ll plan some celebrating into that final session to mark the milestone we’ve completed in our own personal development.

Invite Your Friends

Know any friends, family, or colleagues who might be interested in joining us? All adults are welcome, and we hope to have a diversity of perspectives, from age to gender to race to sexuality and much more. 

The only requirements are to be available for (most of) the sessions, be open to conversation in a respectful and kind manner, and to watch the video prior to each session. 

If the cost is a hardship for you, please let me know. While I can’t waive the materials fee, if the additional $20 US is a problem for you, we can set up a payment plan. (I also have a few scholarships available to cover that $20 fee.)

If you’re ready to get started, fantastic! Please email rossandjamieadventure at gmail.com with Enneagram and the subject so I can get you signed up! And if you’d rather hop on a 1:1 call and discuss coaching for mental fitness or help you navigate life using the Enneagram, my calendar is here.

P.S. I’m now offering a free Enneagram intro! Choose the time that works for you here.