How to Break Out of a Funk

Okay, I’ll just be honest. I’m sitting here, feeling bleh. I don’t want to write a blog, I don’t want to be creative, and I don’t want to work. I don’t know what I want, but I wouldn’t say no to junk food, hugs, or a warm bed right now. Motivation is far away right now, that’s for sure.

So what do you do when you aren’t motivated, but you have obligations to keep? What do you do when you know you should get some work done, but you’re just not feeling it?

It’s honestly an experiment. Different moods and different people will find different things help them to break out of the funk.

Here are a few ideas to try when you’re stuck:
Talk to an accountability buddy
Talk to a loved one
Journal about what’s going on
Get outside
Take a walk/run
Dance to a favorite song
Take a nap
Splash your face with cold water
Have a cup of tea or coffee
Eat a comforting meal
Play with your pet
Turn on an inspiring podcast
Make some art
Try some aromatherapy
Play an instrument
Try a couple of yoga postures
Talk to a cricket

Ha! Gotcha. Made up that last one. Just wanted to see if you were still reading.

Can you relate to this feeling? I feel like it’s such a pandemic thing. Stress is running HIGH and sometimes we just aren’t in a patient mood.

What do you recommend to break out of a funk?

P.S. To break my funk tonight, it took my husband talking to me, venting to each other, being mopey, and then seeing that he needed to get some work done. Ultimately it was the idea of sitting doing nothing by myself that made me get a little more work done. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what works for you!

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2 thoughts on “How to Break Out of a Funk

  1. Being in a funk is HARD. It’s hard to be IN and it’s hard to get OUT of. Even as hard as it IS, the BEST first step out of it is to take some sort of ACTION. Make that tea or coffee for yourself. Then write an encouraging card to someone and/or put a small gift together for them. Then go take a WALK in the SUNshine. No sun? Do a short jog in place. Can’t do that? At least STRETCH your upper body. Journal the thoughts in your head to get them OUT of your head. Have a small snack – NOT sugar-laden. Refined sugar is KNOWN to create inflammation in the body and odds are your “funk” is sugar-related. Have some unsweetened peanut butter on an apple or celery. If you have the extra cash, take a drive to Starbuck and get the Sous Vide egg bites. A little pricey? Maybe. But it will get good protein in your system and you don’t have to think about cooking it. The KEY is to take JUST ONE first step towards putting your body in motion, which is a great path towards getting OUT of that funk. Hope that helps!

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