Five Fun Things at the Festival of the Arts

Let’s be honest – the main reason Ross and I are spending the winter and spring in Florida is that we want to go to Disney World. So it shouldn’t surprise you that attending the Festival of the Arts has been a priority for us.

If you’ve never been, we highly recommend visiting at least once. Here are five compelling reasons to try it!

1. Broadway Performers

Festival of the Arts, Epcot, FL | Ross and Jamie Adventure

I almost called the festival performers free, but then I remembered you paid a lot to get into the park. But however you think of it, you can see some outstandingly talented performers at Disney World, and during the festival, talented Broadway performers abound. If you have the chance, I highly recommend catching Heidi Blickenstaff like I did!

2. Tasty Food and Drink

Festival of the Arts, Epcot, FL | Ross and Jamie AdventureThere are some delicious treats during the festival. It’s harder to find gluten-free options than I’d like, but since I’m not celiac, I have more options than a lot of folks. One of my absolute favorite treats is trio of drinking chocolate! You’ll find this in the American pavilion. Adding alcohol is an option, but I’m a purist when it comes to drinking chocolate. 🙂

Festival of the Arts, Epcot, FL | Ross and Jamie AdventureRoss recently got one of Joffrey’s specialty coffees with a donut – he went for a white chocolate something or other and a red velvet donut that looked and tasted decadent, according to him. Super fun!

3. Amazing Artwork

Festival of the Arts, Epcot, FL | Ross and Jamie AdventureThroughout Epcot, you’ll find incredible originals and prints, much of it on a Disney theme and much of it just really beautiful and unique. This is the only time of year to see most of this work in person.

4. Meet the Artists, Be an Artist

You’ll also be able to experience art in a whole new way – meet and greet, grab signatures, watch artists at work and try your hand at creating, whether in a free workshop or one you pay for. Be sure to book ahead of time if you’re interested in a workshop!

5. Experience Epcot With New Eyes

Festival of the Arts, Epcot, FL | Ross and Jamie AdventureOne of the best parts of festivals at Epcot is that everything just feels different. There are new things to see and do, and wandering through it all can take up a day or a half day of its own. The other benefit of this is that you may find the crowds are less busy than usual when you check out a ride. And if you hit big crowds somewhere, it’s fun to wander elsewhere instead.

Have you been to Epcot’s Festival of the Arts? I’ve been to three of the four they’ve had so far, and I’ve really enjoyed them. What did you think? And if you haven’t been, what would you be most excited to check out?


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