How Capital One 360 Saves Us, And Why You Need it

Do you have a savings account? Do you have several savings accounts to organize the money for the roof that needs replacing vs. the money for your next vacation vs. the money for your car insurance vs. the money for your kid’s college fund? If you don’t have it already, you need Capital One 360.

We live by these banks accounts, honestly. For many, many years as a freelancer, this has been my foolproof method for saving money for the inevitable big expenses that come up.

Emergency fund? Check.

Car insurance payments? On it.

Money for our honeymoon? This is where it all went.

They have their own checking account too, which works really well, but if you like your current bank or credit union, there’s no need to give up your existing checking account. Follow this link to receive $25 when you open a savings or checking account – or $100 if you’d like a money market account – and you can experience how easy this is! Create as many bank accounts as you need – I’ve had as many as 20 here – with titles like Vacation, Pet Fund, Future House etc., and then set up automatic withdrawals. If you get paid on Fridays, set up auto-withdrawals of small amounts when the paycheck hits. That’s how we save for RV repairs, birthday gifts and future Disney vacations. It’s fun to watch the money accrue, and it’s so easy! You’ll also find they have some of the highest interests rates around for savings accounts.

I can rave about the ease of their savings accounts for days – open new ones in moments, name them whatever you want, set up easy automatic deposits from your main checking account, do it all online or on your phone – but you should really try it for yourself. Head here to sign up for free and earn a $25 bonus when you open a savings or checking account, or $100 if you open a money market account! We also get a few coins when you sign up, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you found this helpful! I just recommended it to several friends who found it to be a lifesaver as they work on their budget and savings goals. We’ve been studying the book You Need A Budget, and this will work perfectly with that book. (My other current favorite is You’re a Badass At Making Money if that’s more your style.) Have a wonderful week!


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