Partner struggles with both of you at home? We can help!

It’s time for some positive and productive good news, am I right?! Ross and I have been working on something big, with a group of experts on a lot of topics, and we can’t wait to tell you about it!

With the continually evolving news and social media noise, it’s easy to get overwhelmed right now. Even more unnerving is the fact that we can’t predict when this will end or the full impact it will have on any, and all, of us.

The switch to working from home, full-time, is one of the huge shifts for many in this season. We’ve been working from home since we hit the road in October of 2016, so we know how challenging it can be; setting up an office in your home, navigating the new “normal”, avoiding feeling isolated – it can be debilitating. Which is why I was so excited when I was contacted to be a part of a huge panel of experts from across the country to bring video resources (and other downloads) to a national platform.

The “Essential Work From Home” project has developed in the last few weeks to specifically get all the expert tactics, strategies, supplies and contacts into the hands of those who need it most now, and Ross and I are thrilled to be a part of it.

The panel consists of dozens of experts in their field from across the nation, who created practical and timely resources that will help you—and your friends, family, colleagues, and networks—adjust to all the complications we face while working from home in this season.

One of the courses I’m most excited about is “Money Talk: How to Adjust During Crisis”. There are also fun courses covering nutrition & organizing your meals like a chef (aka super efficiently) while working from home, and they’re great…and I can’t wait to check out the rest! There will be over 30 courses by the time we complete the project…they are relevant with actionable information you can put into effect immediately to reduce the churn, confusing and overwhelm. It’s like having a team of experts right by your side!

We are still finalizing all the technical details, so the # of courses will continue to grow in size. HOWEVER, as we prepare everything, we’ve been asked to do a FB Live where we’ll share some of our expertise and we would LOVE to see you there!

What expertise, you may be wondering, are we offering? Well, our specific course is called Navigating Relationships When You’re Both Working From Home. As you might imagine, it’s both helpful and hilarious (because, hello, it’s us!) and we are super proud to be able to help people with such great content during this time.

Screenshot 2020-04-09 at 7.46.02 PM

Want to join us for a Facebook Live? We’ll be going live from Ross and Jamie Adventure’s Facebook page (as well as Jamie’s personal page) this Saturday at 5 p.m. EST. (Also,  people on the live will get a special link with early access to purchase the bundle of over 30 courses at a super introductory rate, so don’t miss this chance!)

Whether you want to purchase or not, it’s going to be a very fun interview where we talk about what we do and how we do it, so please join us if you can.

Let me know if you have any questions and if you can make it to the FB Live session so I can keep my eyes peeled for you!

Be well, take care, and hope to see you Saturday!

P.S. We’ve also added a few new affiliate links below – for Built Bar and for Misfits Market if you’re looking for amazing protein bars that taste like candy or for cheap organic produce, delivered to your house! 


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