Getting Back In The Game 

We are in the midst of fall in New Hampshire! That means foliage, apple products, ice cream while it’s available, visits to Amphora Fine Greek Dining and of course lots of family and friends. 

It also means we are super busy! We are producing a musical while we are here, which still feels bizarre since we’ve been away from producing shows for three and a half years. Our cast is outstanding and I’ve been happy to see how much I’m enjoying the process. I was half afraid I’d be bored! 
But I love the process of creation, and it’s great to be back in the midst of it. And our production team is outstanding, helping us make the show much better than we could on our own. 
With all of my work building my virtual assistance business, maintaining our music teaching business and everything else, our blogs and podcasts have taken a back seat. I look forward to renewing weekly posts as our schedules free up. 
In the meantime, we hope you’re having a wonderful fall! 
NH | Ross and Jamie Adventure
NH | Ross and Jamie Adventure
NH | Ross and Jamie Adventure


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