Doctor’s Orders: You Need More Nature

Most of us know we should get more time outside. But did you know there is a growing body of science to back that instinct up?

I recently wrote an article for Outdoorsy giving an overview of why doctors say you need more nature.

I hope you enjoy it!

Ross and I have been taking it easy in New Mexico. I’ve been getting lots of work done, and we’ve both been resting up from a virus that has hit Ross especially hard.

One of my projects was updating our Recommendations page. This is where we recommend some of our favorite things, and if you purchase them through our link, we get either some cash in the bank or an extension on our membership. Please check it out and keep it in mind if you want to give yourself or someone else a gift this year.

We did manage to do a day trip to Albuquerque, which was a blast, and we were both really excited to check it out further in the future.

We’ve been hoping to check out another event in Santa Fe (with a backup plan in Albuquerque), but the weather forecast here is full of cold and snow, so it may not work out this year.

In any case, we’re enjoying lots of Mexican food and a comfortable stay while we get organized and get ready to head south for milder temperatures soon.

Stay safe and warm this week, and Happy New Year!

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