Why RVers Should Join Harvest Hosts Now

Hi everyone! We’ve had a very busy week, hunkering down at our campground in New Mexico while working on a variety of projects toward our business goals.

In the midst of our work, we’ve been finding time to catch up on our Netflix queue (go watch Springsteen on Broadway! It’s amazing!) and to think about what business purchases we should make before year’s end.

This year we decided to invest in a membership with Harvest Hosts, which is something we’ve been considering for a long time. With a Harvest Hosts membership, you’re entitled to stay for free for a night at wineries and other awesome businesses across the country. They suggest you purchase something from the business as a thank you (it’s a great excuse for a wine tasting!), but you’re under no obligation, and there’s no limit to how many places you can stay over the course of the year. Some places even offer hookups or will allow you to stay a second night!

Ross and I love buying local wine and other local goods, and we can’t wait to take advantage of this. But the reason I thought it was important to purchase now, and the reason I’m telling you about it, is that the membership rate is currently only $49 for a year. I’ve been told that as of January 1st, the cost will almost double! On top of that, those who’ve already purchased at $49/year will be grandfathered in and able to renew at that rate indefinitely.

So, frankly, we thought it would be a bad decision not to purchase this now. It’s an investment, if nothing else!

Harvest Hosts is only for self-contained RVs, so if you don’t have your own bathroom or you’re tenting etc., you’re out of luck. But if this sounds like it’s for you, head here to save 10% on the cost of membership and throw a few coins in our coffer too!

Make sure you purchase today; after all, the deal expires on December 31st, and after that you’ll be looking at paying double the price from now on. At the current rate, you’ll earn your fee back in just a night or two of camping.

Whether you need Harvest Hosts or not, we hope you have an incredible New Year and a wonderful 2019!

Doctor’s Orders: You Need More Nature

Most of us know we should get more time outside. But did you know there is a growing body of science to back that instinct up?

I recently wrote an article for Outdoorsy giving an overview of why doctors say you need more nature.

I hope you enjoy it!

Ross and I have been taking it easy in New Mexico. I’ve been getting lots of work done, and we’ve both been resting up from a virus that has hit Ross especially hard.

One of my projects was updating our Recommendations page. This is where we recommend some of our favorite things, and if you purchase them through our link, we get either some cash in the bank or an extension on our membership. Please check it out and keep it in mind if you want to give yourself or someone else a gift this year.

We did manage to do a day trip to Albuquerque, which was a blast, and we were both really excited to check it out further in the future.

We’ve been hoping to check out another event in Santa Fe (with a backup plan in Albuquerque), but the weather forecast here is full of cold and snow, so it may not work out this year.

In any case, we’re enjoying lots of Mexican food and a comfortable stay while we get organized and get ready to head south for milder temperatures soon.

Stay safe and warm this week, and Happy New Year!