An Overdue RV Update

I should have written this post a week ago, but life has been really busy as we have prepped for and then performed the final concert in our series. It is interesting to realize that chapter has ended – and by Mid-February, I don’t anticipate adding many new dates so that may feel even more permanent.

But back to RV-Ing. Ross has been working his butt off driving the RV to various driveways and prepping it for storage. Unfortunately when he and his dad tried to winterize it, the plumbing leaked. We were hoping for an easy fix, but after taking it to a professional, we now know that there is indeed a problem with the plumbing. In addition, Campers Inn recommended we consider a new engine due to its age rather than fixing the exhaust leak in isolation, so we will need to shop around and get different opinions.

Oh the joys of ownership! But we have registered it, stored it, and come spring we will brace ourselves and see what we can do to get it drivable and usable. Worst case we will prioritize the engine over the plumbing, so we can get by at campgrounds and in driveways if we have a shower and a toilet to use. One step at a time!

I spent a morning parked at Mario’s with the generator running to run our lovely electric heater in case the leaks might have caused dampness or mold. (I didn’t find evidence of ANYTHING but better safe than sorry.) I cleaned the RV quite well – kitchen, bathroom, random left behind items, etc. – so while it isn’t perfect, I felt quite confident leaving it. I did forget about mouse traps though, so we may want to pick up a few and leave them as we get deeper into winter.

The good news? Since I spent a morning in the RV, I made sure to take lots of photos. It is a small RV so keeping it clean will be really important. Fun stuff? We don’t just have a spice rack- we also have a wine rack!

Enjoy the pictures, and thanks for stopping by! (I am still learning how to do this on the iPad, so bear with me!) And if you know of an RV mechanic interested in music lessons for their kid, let us know!









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