Look Out World, Here We Come!

We did it! We totally are homeowners now. I was waiting to share the news until we had great inside photos, but that hasn’t happened yet so I will just go for it. (The photo below is of Ross and the RV – his dad took it.)

It is a 1986 model, and overall things went quite well. My mechanic had good feelings but couldn’t give it 100% without us getting a tuneup, but since those take weeks and Rainy didn’t want to wait that long, he offered us another $400 off which would probably cover a tuneup according to our mechanic. So for $4,600 we have an RV that is almost ready to pass an inspection. 🙂 And once the manifold leak is fixed, our mechanic will slap a sticker on it.

My dad and Karen loved it and were super-supportive, as have been our friends. (Thanks for letting us driveway sit, Nat, Anja and Mario!) Next up we register it – would have loved to wait, but the storage facility wants to see our registration – and then winterize it (Ross and dad gave it a shot but screwed something up…hopefully no damage was done, and the RV will be fine in the cold for a few more days) before we tuck it away for the winter. Wish we had more time to play with it, but we are allowed to visit it. 🙂

So if all goes according to plan – which it may not, of course – it goes into storage Saturday afternoon. It will be really nice to have all this complete and be able to move on. Planning what to pack will be so much easier knowing what our RV looks like!

Well, that is it for now. We have SO much to learn and because we did this as a low cost private sale, we will have to depend on RV repair places, friends and research to learn about our new purchase. But we are both so excited and I kind of feel like we could live in it without power if we had to. Just having something that is ours is so cool.

I also need to investigate insurance. I think it will be okay in storage empty but I should talk to the storage facility just in case.

Unfortunately my health is full of unknowns at the moment, but at least we have something to be excited about.

Until next time!


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