Returning to Cheyenne

Last week, Ross had a lot of work to get done in the RV, so I agreed to go off on an adventure while he worked. Knowing I had missed some fun stuff on my last trip, and with fond memories of a meal at Dad’s Cafe, I headed back.

Cheyenne is about fifty minutes north of our campground in Fort Collins, so it’s an easy day trip. My first priority was to visit Dad’s Cafe before it closed for the day.Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure

Dad’s Cafe is completely gluten-free and avoids a lot of other allergens too, like soy and dairy. I had their most popular sandwich, the Reuben, and it was out of this world on their made from scratch bread. I paired it with a pickled cucumber salad.

After an outstanding meal, I drove over to the State Museum, although I realized later I could have walked. The State Museum is free and full of wonderful exhibits on the history of Wyoming as well as special exhibits on the National Park Service, Native American tribes and more.Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure

I learned a lot and even enjoyed the videos they had available. I loved seeing a coach that was made in New Hampshire! After the State Museum, I headed to Cheyenne Botanic Garden.

This Botanic Garden is also free, and it’s wonderful. It has a beautiful indoor area with gorgeous balconies as well as outdoor gardens with water views and a soon to be completed Children’s Garden that looks incredible.Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure

I really enjoyed my trip to Cheyenne, and I’m definitely glad I went back. If you enjoyed this, be sure to read about part 1 of my adventures!

Daytripping with Dad

A couple of weeks back, we were really blessed to have Ross’ dad visit us from New Hampshire. He flew in early Tuesday, with plans to fly out Saturday evening.

Despite the fact that it was his birthday and he’d flown out to see us, he basically treated us the entire week, so we had to get sneaky if we wanted to pay for anything.

We had an incredible week. Tuesday evening he visited us at the campground and then we headed downtown for an outstanding Brazilian meal that was almost entirely gluten-free. Apparently it’s a chain, but the experience was truly special, with outstanding salads at an epic buffet, an assortment of appetizers (with additional on offer) and then an endless array of meats brought to the table. Finally we saw the dessert tray, and much of it was gluten-free. We highly recommend this experience, even for the less adventurous among us! Outstanding. Also, Happy Birthday, Stephen!Brazilian at Rodizio Grill | Ross and Jamie Adventureimg_2930Ross and Dad | Ross and Jamie AdventureDessert at Rodizio Grill, Fort Collins, CO | Ross and Jamie Adventure

Wednesday wasn’t a teaching day, so we headed to Cheyenne, Wyoming just to say we did. The Visitor’s Center was absolutely outstanding, with amazing exhibits, and then we headed to Dad’s Cafe, an incredible allergen-free cafe where the entire place is gluten-free! We enjoyed our soups, sandwiches and cookies before spending the afternoon visiting local museums. The first was free, and the latter (we treated Stephen) was perfect if you enjoy railroad memorabilia or miniatures.

After our day in Cheyenne, we headed into downtown Fort Collins for some tasty Mexican food (and a great gluten-free menu). We capped it off with dessert at Walrus ice cream because we were too drunk to drive yet! It was okay, but the gluten-free cone was delicious and Stephen loved his sundae.

On Thursday, Jamie spent the morning writing a blog post while Stephen adventured on his own. Then we hit the Museum of Discovery which does an incredible job of creating an interdisciplinary, hands-on museum experience unique to Fort Collins and the area. After the museum, we took a distillery tour, enjoyed a few drinks and went back for more Mexican food.

Friday, Stephen spent the day hanging out while we worked. We had a campfire that night with a singalong, and he helped tend it and took a few train rides with Ross.

Saturday we did more work at the campground while Stephen surprised us and spent the day again. He managed to stay pretty cool despite the heat and we definitely enjoyed the company before he headed to the airport.

We had an amazing week, honestly feeling like it was a vacation for us. Thank you for your visit! It was so great to see you.

We will share further details on some of the highlights in future blogs. Thanks for reading and have an awesome week on your own adventures!