Celebrating But Staying Flexible

It’s been a good week here in the RV. We’ve gotten some clarity around options for the future and we got offered a fun job recording a song. We’re doing our best to stay focused, but with all that’s going on in the world, we’re each taking time to a) advocate for the causes and people who need it (namely BIPOC) and to b) take some time to check in with each other and try to make sense of everything in the world right now.

As someone born to a Jewish father, with Jewish family, the anti-Semitism has been particularly frightening to experience this week. I know it’s nothing like being a black person, or a trans person, in our country right now, but it’s so strongly reminiscent of Hitler that it’s really tough not to worry if we aren’t doing enough or if it’s even too late to stop this train.

But I promised you I’d talk about celebrating right now, and honestly, I think that’s important. When we all have tons of extra stress right now, carrying the burdens of the world, having our own opinions and beliefs challenged, facing the constant stress of racism or persecution and of course of COVID…it’s a very tough time. So taking time, as you can, when you can, for little celebrations can be key to maintaining some level of normalcy or joy.

June is a big month for us. We got married in June, and my birthday is in June – this week in fact. Because I’d also set a financial goal for June (and hit it!), I had scheduled an incredible nine course meal and wine pairing to celebrate at Walt Disney World, on my birthday.

Well, you’ll be shocked to know that the reservation was canceled – and honestly, with COVID, I’m kind of glad it was canceled, because it would have been really hard to say no to attending if they’d been open right now.

So in its place, we’re celebrating my birthday in a bigger way than usual, with fancier food and drinks, Jeni’s ice cream and a gluten-free cake. I was also able to take today off (Friday), giving me a coveted three day weekend! Always a treat as I’m self-employed and don’t get any paid vacations.

Even if your own celebration looks different from mine – a luxurious bath? Fancy tea? Backyard distancing with a friend? – I hope you’re finding time and the means for a treat now and then. Ross and I have also recently put in an order for a mystery box – it’s like an escape room, except without a timer and with a mystery focus. There are also lots of “date night” boxes out there if you need ideas for those. You can do them as monthly subscriptions or, in some cases, as one-off boxes.

I think the key to celebrating right now is flexibility. Go into things knowing your favorite food may not be available right now, and you may need to make due without or change up the day if you run out of key ingredients for a cake before grocery day (eggs, perhaps?). Trying to be open and thankful each day is really saving me right now. (It was super helpful when I found out my day off would be full of thunderstorms, so a garden walk was out of the question!)

Thanks for reading, and stay well. Be safe and take care of each other.


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