Four Tips For Working From The Road

If you follow me, you have probably figured out how important internet access to our work! We’ve had to get really good at sourcing it and making the most of our time.

If you could use some tips, you’re in lucky! I recently wrote an Outdoorsy article on this topic. Here are four tips for working from the road.


The Best Parts Of A KOA Stay

We don’t stay at a lot of KOAs when we travel. They cater to families and are usually pretty pricey. But some of our best campground stays were KOAs, and we spent the whole summer at one this season.

So if it interests you, here is an article on the best parts of a KOA stay.

Return to Boulder

We recently returned to Boulder. We visited some of our favorite spots, including the bookstore and a delicious fast casual Brazilian restaurant called Five on Black where almost the entire place is gluten-free.Boulder, CO | Ross and Jamie Adventure

Unfortunately our yoga class was canceled due to rain, but we did visit a tasty chocolate food truck to sample drinking chocolate and a truffle, and we still had a fun gig at The Laughing Goat.Ice Cream Social, Fort Collins, CO | In Search of a Scoop

We also got to meet Shack, a wonderful blues performer who opened for us. He’s extremely talented and will be representing Colorado and competing at the international competition this year! Ice Cream Social, Fort Collins, CO | In Search of a ScoopWe’ve only got a few weeks left here, so we are doing our best to make the most of it and not get stressed about the silly stuff. We are also continuing to work on booking gigs in our free time.

We are excited to return to New England. From visiting family and friends to eating at our favorite places and cooking with local produce, there’s a lot to look forward to. And we have tons of teaching and performing to do too!

Thanks for following our journey, and let us know if you have ideas for us this fall.

Returning to Cheyenne

Last week, Ross had a lot of work to get done in the RV, so I agreed to go off on an adventure while he worked. Knowing I had missed some fun stuff on my last trip, and with fond memories of a meal at Dad’s Cafe, I headed back.

Cheyenne is about fifty minutes north of our campground in Fort Collins, so it’s an easy day trip. My first priority was to visit Dad’s Cafe before it closed for the day.Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure

Dad’s Cafe is completely gluten-free and avoids a lot of other allergens too, like soy and dairy. I had their most popular sandwich, the Reuben, and it was out of this world on their made from scratch bread. I paired it with a pickled cucumber salad.

After an outstanding meal, I drove over to the State Museum, although I realized later I could have walked. The State Museum is free and full of wonderful exhibits on the history of Wyoming as well as special exhibits on the National Park Service, Native American tribes and more.Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure

I learned a lot and even enjoyed the videos they had available. I loved seeing a coach that was made in New Hampshire! After the State Museum, I headed to Cheyenne Botanic Garden.

This Botanic Garden is also free, and it’s wonderful. It has a beautiful indoor area with gorgeous balconies as well as outdoor gardens with water views and a soon to be completed Children’s Garden that looks incredible.Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure Cheyenne, WY | Ross and Jamie Adventure

I really enjoyed my trip to Cheyenne, and I’m definitely glad I went back. If you enjoyed this, be sure to read about part 1 of my adventures!