Rainy Days are not Lazy Days

What a wonderful two days we have had! Wonderful is subjective, of course, but we have had so much to be thankful for. I still can’t believe we are doing this! 

After our wonderful Thursday adventures visiting Auburn and the House of Guitars, we settled in for dinner and for the night at Cracker Barrel. They had six RV spaces I had learned were highly coveted, but we were shocked to be the only overnighters! It was a great neighborhood, only about 25 minutes from Rochester, very high end. We got cozy there quickly and had a nice night’s sleep, even if using the restroom and such were a bit awkward. (We bought another treat the next morning as a thank you.) We decided to winterize our RV before leaving NH, which was the right call but which means we need to avoid using our on board bathroom unless it’s an emergency. 

Enough about bathrooms. The next morning the deluge of rain continued, so as soon as it was light – in fact, quickly after 8, a new record for us – we hit the road to try to escape the rain and at least take advantage of daylight. I was worried our drive would look like our stressful Rochester driving (pretty tame compared to Boston but still), but we were quickly out of the city and enjoying the hills and mountains of NY, incredible foliage and my favorite, a gorgeous drive through New Harmony that combined big mountains, lakes foliage and an aerial view. Wish I had a camera to capture those! 

We left as early as we did, in part, to give us time to visit Cleveland. After much investigating I had settled on Punderson State Park, 45 minutes outside the city, to spend the night. With 20 amp electric, showers, restrooms and a gorgeous setting for only $25, we were really excited. After we chose our site, hooked up and made an early dinner, we headed to the Cleveland Museum of Art. The drive was a breeze until maybe 3 miles in. Old historic homes, huge forested properties, bike trails and bus lines – we loved it! The last few miles were a little stressful as it was true city driving, but Ross handled it like a pro. We loved the architecture in Cleveland and despite the rain we were really looking forward to it.

I think Ross fell hard for the museum almost as soon as we got there. I had to check my water (!) but there was no ticket required for this gorgeous free museum. To do it all would have easily taken 4-5 hours, but we crammed as much as we could into less than 2, marveling at Monets , Tiffany windows and Egyptian tombs as we learned more through the museum’s easy to use app, which included audio and visuals to enhance our experience. When 9 pm arrived, we and the multicultural crew who were also enjoying the incredible exhibits made our way out of the building and to the parking garage. We love you Cleveland, and we will be back! 

Yesterday was a nice break. We relaxed at the campground since we had learned we didn’t need to checkout until 1 pm! We were on the road by noon, and we stayed at a Flying J in the Dayton area which was a wonderful, comfortable plaza for the night. I visited the Carriage House MetroPark which is charming – a living history museum, horseback riding, petting zoo and more animate this charming historic 1880s country setting in the middle of the city. Today I we continue on to our destination, which we hope to arrive at tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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