False Starts and Next Steps

I’ve been lying in bed for about an hour. It’s 2 a.m. Since I can’t sleep, I thought I’d try a blog post.

Things are not looking good with the RV. Although we can get it drivable for $1400, they weren’t able to find a part (the air pump) for the truck! They even called Ford. And I really don’t want to travel cross country with something no one can find parts for. We also still don’t know about the inside of the RV. So we are leaning toward selling and we have no clue right now if we can make back close to what we paid or not.

Meanwhile, Ross’ car was totaled after we were hit in an accident. They gave us money for it, but we really didn’t want to be shopping for a cheap car just for the summer. So we are at a real crossroads. Options include:

Buy a junk car for under 2K. Buy a more expensive vehicle that can become our primary vehicle, perhaps one large enough to tow something (storage or a pop up) if we have to tent it or rough it for a while. We could at least tent it this summer.

Buy another RV ASAP through a dealer with financing while my income is higher. Definitely a junk car in this scenario…hopefully trade in RV for at least a few thousand in credit.

Some combination of the above options.

So this week, we expand our car and RV buying search. Awkward time as it is my last week working with the Arts Alliance, but so it goes. I do think all these struggles and challenges are bringing us a lot closer as a couple. Please send us some good thoughts and help discerning next steps. We can use it!

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