Teaching Testimonials

“I wouldn’t have been ready for this audition without the help of Jamie Feinberg. If you have any upcoming auditions in the future, I highly recommend her. She will tell you what to work on, how to mark your music, how to approach the accompanist, give you a practice recording to take with you, etc. She is worth the VERY reasonable fee.” – Jessica Vaughn

“I can’t thank you enough for your instruction with Gavin. He is doing great and he really, really enjoys it and it shows because he actually wants to practice. What a concept! So, I just wanted to thank you. He loves it!” – mother of a guitar student about working with Ross

“Thank you for your fun and inspirational work with Experience/Arts’ participants!” – Robert Berner, Grafton County Senior Citizens Council former ED & current volunteer

“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. I know you realize how happy everyone was to attend and learn from your classes, but they also built such a personal bond with you both! Hopefully we can continue on with some sort of peer-supported sessions, even if it’s just getting together to practice once a week and most importantly we are all hoping we’ll see you again next fall.” – Wanda Sawyer, Activities Director, Horse Meadow Senior Center, Haverhill, NH

“If you’re looking for audition help…I highly recommend contacting Jamie Feinberg. Virtual voice lessons are the future and she has excellent insight on unique audition songs.” – Katelyn Parker

“I can’t say enough about lessons with Ross Boyd! Rowan has been taking electric guitar lessons with him for a couple of months now and he loves it! I see a shining new confidence in him and it is clear that Ross truly loves teaching. Love it! ‘Ross is Boss’ as we like to say!” – Melissa Storella Sheehan, mother of Rowan

“I’ll brag about my track record when you’ve coached me to anyone on the fence!” – Sheree Owens, NH Theatre Award winner

“Thank you, Ross! You and Jamie are wonderful teachers. I love your enthusiasm and happiness about music.” – Susan Borotz, ukulele student

“Ross and Jamie are wonderful teachers…I wanted to thank the three of you for making this happen. I think it’s safe to say, on behalf of our group, that what you offered us last fall has added much joy to our lives, not only in the satisfaction of learning a new skill, the collective love of music, but also in the friendships formed.” – Deb Bassett, ukulele student

Other Testimonials – Performing, Directing, Managing

“It is always a pleasure working with you! I watch you and always think- I hope my girls grow up to be like Jamie! You have this respectful, kind way of getting things done. Your effort, organizational skills, talent and intelligence are so apparent in everything you do! Many of the women that share the qualities/abilities you do are often rude or self-promoting and it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I love that can and DO make a difference in the world in a kind, respectful way….Thank you for impacting another one of my girls! That makes all three now and I’m so thankful!” – Liz Horan, theater mom

“I really enjoyed working with every one and I appreciate everything you and Ross did as managers. Thank you so much for the opportunity to work at a KOA over the summer it has been a wonderful experience. I wish you and Ross the best on your guys journey. It has been a pleasure meeting and working with you guys.” – Hanna Dill, KOA employee

“Jamie is an asset to any production. Producers, directors, actors and singers love to work with her. She has the reputation of being a collaborator, ensemble-creator and leader. She serves her art with humility and that gives her the respect she deserves. Jamie is a professional. Her attention to detail is exemplary….Her eye for the big picture is one of the best I have seen. You can trust Jamie to follow through and manage any task practically on her own. She is always on time, prepared and ready to go the extra mile.” – Michael D. Cupp, Owner/President/Producer of Northern Lights Playhouse

“Ross helped Chris and me to each sound better and sometimes – almost hip. As Parella knows all-too-well, that can be a tall mountain to climb…if not a steep and snowy-rocky cliff in Rumney in late winter to record the whoosh of Peregrine falcon wings! We will sincerely miss your hard work and prodigious patience, Mr. Ross Malcolm Boyd.” – Dave Anderson, referring to Ross’ work producing and writing for New Hampshire Public Radio’s Something Wild

“Thank you so much for playing with us on Sunday. Your playing was terrific. Please know how grateful folks where for your presence, as they told me. Safe travels and peace be with you.” – Reed Loy, Pastor, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Hopkinton

“You did a great job wrangling a lot of different personalities and put together a great event.” – singer Kasey Lansdale, about Jamie’s work directing a stage musical premiere

On Jamie’s work editing an online course: “This is FANTASTIC feedback! You’re very skilled at this stuff!! I’m going to make all these changes and have a few more pages for you to check out once complete.” – Eric Hannan, owner of ShoreLooksNice.com